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We sell investment advisory services to help clients protect and grow asset wealth. These services include :

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etm insights

  • @RussLamberti Since the start of Zumaland, ~3.3m more people need work. Only ~1.8m of them have found work so far; ~700k of those in tax-funded gov jobs.
  • @etmanalytics StatsSA's new sampling method does indicate that the broad employment picture is around 7% worse than we thought.
  • @etmanalytics StatsSA's new sampling method means y/y & q/q calcs on the jobs data are meaningless & should be avoided.
  • @etmanalytics StatsSA says new sampling shld "improve level of precision in the estimates." Sobering insight: 600k more people unemployed than we thought.
  • @etmanalytics Q1 sampling change muddies @StatsSA jobs data; chg from Q4->Q1 unreliable. SA LMI nonetheless showing weak job mkt: http://t.co/3cMN3wQysm
  • @etmanalytics South African Q1 2015 Labour Market Index (page 4) http://t.co/3cMN3x89jU
  • @RussLamberti Colombia also managed to get unemployment down from ~20% to 10% in just 15yrs. #lessonsforsouthafrica
  • @RussLamberti Colombia an exciting investment prospect considering its size, institutional progress, investor protections, labour reforms, & geography.
  • @RussLamberti In last 10yrs SA's econ freedom stagnated while Colombia's soared. http://t.co/pMqlMRLjGZ | Colombia 5yr GDP gr avg 4.3% vs SA 1.9%. (2/2)
  • @RussLamberti SA vs Colombia a fascinating comparison. Both ~50m pax, same GDP & GDP/capita (mid income), former colonies, high Gini, high crime. (1/2)