@etmanalytics Read: Inflation: Enemy of the working class (pg7) by @pietleroux & The myth of the “wage-price spiral” by @CausticPop http://t.co/npSI5WSu1u
@etmanalytics French economist Piketty's SA connection http://t.co/npSI5WSu1u (pg4) @pietleroux explains why Piketty's book gets off to a shaky start.
@etmanalytics The Q4 SA Labour Market Report is out today at 11:00. Don't miss this insightful report produced by @solidariteit in conjunction with ETM.
@Starkey_RJ @etmanalytics the past tax year also saw bracket creep occurring, two years then running under radar!
@George_Glynos Our central view at ETM remains that privatisation will be inevitable as govt chooses to protect social spending at the expense of SOEs
@etmanalytics Increased tax burden coming in 2015. Likely stealth taxation like bracket creep, fiddling with thresholds, exception rules etc. #MTBPS2014
@etmanalytics Budget summary: Nene talked the talk to placate for now the ratings agencies. But substantive budget reform not in evidence. #MTBPS2014
@etmanalytics Study finds gov loans to small business is bad for growth. http://t.co/1NOfRfZ23j | Is Lindiwe Zulu & DTI listening? http://t.co/ehmlKXTbVt
@etmanalytics #Zuma #Nene conference called this morning. Are we about to hear who the next SARB Governor will be?
@chrislbecker @George_Glynos on why these pairs are listing and going live today. #JSE #AfricaInvest cc @etmanalytics http://t.co/JJDwgTdyqL
ETM Analytics

ETM was founded by directors George Glynos and Quinten Bertenshaw in 2004, initially offering real-time financial market analysis and advisory services to mostly banking and treasury clients. Client requirements have led the organic growth of the business into providing Data & Analytics Services and Investment Strategy Services.

Today ETM is a leading producer of challenging, thought provoking, and insightful economic and investment strategy ideas.  We have a proven track record of delivering quality insight and valuable interaction with a clientele that spans the globe and includes multinational corporates, fund managers, banks, brokers and financial institutions.


ETM offers integrated solutions in the following core specialty areas:

Financial Market Analysis: EMEA including South Africa, G4, sub-Sahara Africa. Our team has its finger on the pulse of global financial markets and updates clients with relevant and insightful commentary during the trading day.

Investment Strategy Services: Capital and wealth management advisory. Translating thematic market and policy analysis of South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa G4 and BRICs into cyclical and structural investment strategy for capital managers and corporate executives.  

Data & Indices: The ETM team is able to create proprietary indices and data sets for clients that have specific focus and application.  

ETM Analytics’ extensive set of proprietary analytical products and tools allow us, through consultation and interaction with the client, to provide tailor-made advisory solutions. By using proprietary analytical techniques we are able to deliver quality that is consistent and replicable.  We have extensive experience providing client solutions that are thought-leading, have real world applications, and as such create tangible value.