@etmanalytics US Wilshire 5000 stock price index vs full-cap (reinvested dividends) index. The power of reinvested divis. http://t.co/1sQaN6iddL
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@etmanalytics Latest Stats SA land transport survey out today. http://t.co/FnAXlKZvzy Freight volume stagnant since 2011. #nogrowth http://t.co/21wvlZIYLq
@AdrianSaville From @etmanalytics: SA's growth regularly downgraded. Leaves yawning gap to 484-page target of 5.4% cc @CannonAssets http://t.co/3jOGv5n7vG
@JustinStanford +0.25%. Good call, @etmanalytics.
@JanavDeventer .@etmanalytics has a look at the SARB's 2014 GDP growth forecast through the course of the past year: http://t.co/uubXebnvUb
@ChinaBeigeBook Chinese Economy in 'Broad Deceleration': Miller http://t.co/AzbdAWsPQP
@RussLamberti The former has negligible impact on CPI. The latter places y/y US CPI at 3.6% and creates large LT compound disparity (40% over 30yrs) (2/2)
@RussLamberti Billion Prices shows either a 1.5 pct point or a 0.85x under-reporting of CPI over 6yrs. (1/2)
@etmanalytics Is US CPI inflation biased lower? Billion Prices Project data suggests over time it might be. http://t.co/CXLG91KO6D http://t.co/XzZ4ND2unk
ETM Analytics

ETM was founded by directors George Glynos and Quinten Bertenshaw in 2004, initially offering real-time financial market analysis and advisory services to mostly banking and treasury clients. Client requirements have led the organic growth of the business into providing Data & Analytics Services and Investment Strategy Services.

Today ETM is a leading producer of challenging, thought provoking, and insightful economic and investment strategy ideas.  We have a proven track record of delivering quality insight and valuable interaction with a clientele that spans the globe and includes multinational corporates, fund managers, banks, brokers and financial institutions.


ETM offers integrated solutions in the following core specialty areas:

Financial Market Analysis: EMEA including South Africa, G4, sub-Sahara Africa. Our team has its finger on the pulse of global financial markets and updates clients with relevant and insightful commentary during the trading day.

Investment Strategy Services: Capital and wealth management advisory. Translating thematic market and policy analysis of South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa G4 and BRICs into cyclical and structural investment strategy for capital managers and corporate executives.  

Data & Indices: The ETM team is able to create proprietary indices and data sets for clients that have specific focus and application.  

ETM Analytics’ extensive set of proprietary analytical products and tools allow us, through consultation and interaction with the client, to provide tailor-made advisory solutions. By using proprietary analytical techniques we are able to deliver quality that is consistent and replicable.  We have extensive experience providing client solutions that are thought-leading, have real world applications, and as such create tangible value.